General Provisions

Article 1 : Account Information
People used when enrolling on iMathtest.com to register and declare truthfully accurate personal information in accordance with the registration form iMathtest.com . The account name has the following format name not be used in Ad Q & A : webmaster , admin , name of politicians , according to the alphanumeric name , strange characters .
When enrolling and activating your account on iMathtest.com accept compliance with all provisions of iMathtest.com
Article 2 : Rights and obligations of members
Members have the right to upload files to the limits of iMathtest.com .
Members have the right to edit , delete their files on iMathtest.com
All users have the right to comment , vote and upload files on iMathtest.com
Members are responsible for the information , your file has been uploaded to megacode.vn as posting regulations as follows :
1 . The log file information to properly upload information and photos related to the content information, credit check , correct spelling , capitalization, top of the line , headers and message contents do not use special characters " ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) " , the full information of megacode.vn according to the criteria given . Information in accordance with the laws.
2 . The Upload file to sign your name, address , phone , email , YM , skype ( if any) by itself . Absolutely not use personal information of others to upload , nature stigmatized , harassed . If deliberately direct violation will be responsible before the law for their actions . Example : Using a serialized account information with different names . For the case of a member registered with many different user 1 IP address for the purpose of posting spam file , when we checked it all that they will be locked without prior notice .
3 . With the file information content similarity ( in terms of relevant content . ) , The maximum posted only 1 file at 1 matching items in one day . The title of the file is posted on the file information , not posting spam rampant style . About the UP , auto reply to messages in the beginning , every day can be up several times , but not up 2 consecutive identical information within 30 minutes .
4 . The Upload File shall have the right to do what the customer has committed to use megacode.vn , if users complain about File and prove that it is the fault of the person Upload ( piracy ) , then the Upload shall have the right compensation for the actual loss users ( who are violated ) . Megacode will provide sufficient information to the competent agencies to handle violations on .
6 . iMathtest.com be published popup freehold through google keywords lead to one file .
Article 3 : Prohibition Upload files:
Upload files that violate copyright , file content violates the laws.
For File Upload violated regulations on iMathtest.com . We have the right to remove without notice :
- Having the right to delete all membership information or content articles on breaking things .
- Having the right to delete or remove that user members informed committing fraudulent , deceptive , Upload file content is incorrect, or inciting vandalism .
- Not responsible for and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information that members and users log on .
- Do not accept any liability in relation between the trades and cooperation of the members and users of the website .
- Having the right to limit the functions and powers of the users use the website .
- Do not take responsibility before law for the content users post .
Article 4 . The case published account information.
We may release account information when we believe that disclosure of such information is strictly necessary to :
Protect the rights , property or safety of iMathtest.com , our people or others , to investigate or prevent illegal acts , or violations of the terms required to register Terms of iMathtest.com .
As required by law , to provide information to the authorities .
We reserve the right to change one or more provisions of this regulation without explaining the reasons and also without prior notice . Users are responsible for regularly see table rules and regulations to more effectively use iMathtest.com .
If the first posting in violation of the foregoing we can remove File violations , if they continue to repeat the whole of member information will be deleted , if members deliberately set up multiple accounts for posting Report an organization , enterprise, entire information of organizations and businesses that will be deleted on iMathtest.com at any time without the consent of any party , and will not be informed about this. We will not be responsible for any loss or disputes relating to the deletion of information on iMathtest.com violate the rules .
All the above is for the purpose of creating a fair trading environment , safe and convenient for all users. Would like you to abide .

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