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Question 1.

A train travels from Albany to Syracuse, a distance of 120 miles, at the average rate of 50 miles per hour. The train then travels back to Albany from Syracuse. The total traveling time of the train is 5 hours and 24 minute. What was the average rate of speed of the train on the return trip to Albany
(A)60 mph (B)50 mph (C)48 mph (D)40 mph (E)35 mph

Question 2.

A parking lot charges a flat rate of X dollars for any amount of time up to two hours, and \(\frac{1}{6}X\) for each hour or fraction of an hour after the first two hours. How much does it cost to park for 5 hours and 15 minutes?
(A)3X (B)2X (C)\(1\frac{2}{3}X\) (D)\(1\frac{1}{2}X\) (E)\(1\frac{1}{6}X\)

Question 3.

How many two-digit numbers are divisible by both 5 and 6?
(A)none (B)one (C)two (D)three (E)more than three

Question 4.

what is percent of .023?
(A)0.00023 (B)0.0023 (C)0.23 (D)2.3 (E)23

Question 5.

A window has the shape of a semicircle placed on top of square is 20 inches, how many square inches is the area of the window
(A)400 (B)200 π (C)50(8 + π) (D)200(2 + π) (E)400(1 + π)

Question 6.

which of the following sets of value for w, x, y, and z, respectively, are possible if ABCD is a paralleogram?
I. 50, 130, 50, 130
II. 60, 110, 70, 120
III. 60, 150, 50, 150
(A)I only (B)II only (C)I and II only (D)I and III only (E)I, II, and III

Question 7.

John weighs twice as much as Marcia's weight. Marcia's weight is 60% of Bob weight. Dave weighs 50% of lee's weight. Lee weighs 190% of John's weight Which of these 5 persons weighs the least?











Question 8.

There were P people in a room when a meeting started. Q people left the room during the first hour, while R people entered the room during the same time. What expression gives the number of people in the room after the first hour as a percentage of the number of people in the room who have been there since the meeting started?
(A) \(\frac{(P-Q)}{(P-Q+R)}\)
(B) \(100\frac{(P-Q+R)}{(P-Q)}\)
(C) \(\frac{(P+R)}{(P-Q)}\)
(D) \(100\frac{(P-Q)}{(P-Q+R)}\)
(E) \(100\frac{(P+R)}{(P-Q)}\)
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